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So hey about that Ring Launcher...
Posted by Krux on Wednesday January 20, 2016 @ 01:29am
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Hooo boy, over a year since my last update. I've been bad about update my site with my project updates, so here is a step toward fixing that.

We have the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire coming up on February 28th. Details can be found over at . So for this I want to finally finish work on my ring launcher, Project Hathor. I had built the capacitor bank awhile ago, but the project has been gathering dust, and being moved back and forth from SYN Shop in the hopes of working on it. Though more just gathering more dust from new and interesting places. Well nothing like a deadline to motivate you, so here we go.

I even had time to make a quick video update on the project.

Details on the capacitor bank and contactor build are here:

Project Hathor - Capacitor Bank and Contactor

I'm really happy with how the contactor turned out. Next steps are to wire up the charge and fire control circuitry, and of course building the actual coil, and putting it all in a case.
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