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First Light
Posted by Krux on Thursday March 13, 2014 @ 12:52am
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Just a quick update on Project Icarus.

I've been working steadily on my Tesla coil project. Building spark gaps, terry filters, winding coils, and putting it all together. I have quite a few photos and video to edit, but have more been focusing on trying to get the coil finished on time for the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire, rather than documentation. If you're in the Vegas area, come down on April 5th. I will be showing off Project Icarus.

Tonight was a major milestone. We've achieved First Light.

It's a working Tesla coil!

Still a bit more to do. I'm waiting on shiny Allen-Bradley controls to build up the control box. And then of course the endless tweaking involved with tuning Icarus for the best performance.

Details as I post them over on the Project Icarus page.
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