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Project Hathor - First Light
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Posted by Krux on Tuesday February 23, 2016 @ 01:49am
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In the latest update on Project Hathor...

This past weekend I spent assembling all the pieces and parts I have been making and otherwise collecting into a working ring launcher. I started this project ages ago, so with my four day weekend I spent the time lasering, 3D printing, machining, soldering, and wiring. The goal to get everything finished by Monday so I would be set to show off Hathor at the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire, this coming weekend.

With everything designed in Sketchup, I turned this:

Into this:

The end result looks absolutely gorgeous. The case is made from 1/2 laser cut acrylic. I used my 3D printer to make all the connecting pieces, as well as the parts for the custom designed high voltage contactor.

Video of the first test is here. I ran a low power test at 400 volts, and it performed exactly as designed.

The pictures of the build are located here:
Project Hathor - Capacitor Bank and Contactor
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Posted by Krux on Wednesday January 20, 2016 @ 01:14am
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A quick video update on Project Hathor, with details below

For the capacitor bank, I have a number of 400v 3900uF electrolytic capacitors. These are wired in two banks of five capacitors each. Which gives you a 2000 volt, 1560 uF capacitor.

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Project Hathor - Introduction
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Posted by Krux on Tuesday December 2, 2014 @ 11:41pm
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Project Hathor

Starting on my next high voltage project, which is going to be a ring launcher. A ring launcher, if you are not aware is a device which builds up a charge in a capacitor bank and then releases it all at once into a coil producing a magnetic field. This magnetic field then creates a current in an aluminum ring, such as a hard drive platter, which then in turn produces an opposing magnetic field. As the two magnetic fields repel each other, this causes the ring to be shot up into the air in a dramatic fashion. It's science, and it's fun, and I want to build one. After some thought I decided that Hathor was an appropriate name for this project.

The first of the parts have been rolling in. Capacitors, HV transformer, power resistors, relays, and copper bar.

Project Icarus: First Light
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Posted by Krux on Thursday March 13, 2014 @ 12:45am
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Just a quick update.. Project Icarus: Fist Light

It's a working Tesla coil!

Still a bit more to do. I'm waiting on shiny Allen-Bradley controls to build up the control box. And then of course the endless tweaking involved with tuning Icarus for the best performance.
Tesla Coil Winder Source Code
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Posted by Krux on Wednesday January 29, 2014 @ 12:39am
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For those interested, I've made the sources used for my tesla coil winder available on GitHub.

I also make use of the Adafruit I2C LiquidCrystal library ( ), and the Arduino menusystem library ( )

I'll post more detailed information when I get a chance. This is just something quick since I got linked by the awesome folks over at Hack A Day.
Project Icarus: Gathering of parts
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Posted by Krux on Saturday November 2, 2013 @ 11:49am
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A Tesla coil isn't a Tesla coil without parts.

Parts List

  • NST, Franceformer, primary 120VAC, secondary 9000 volts, 60ma
  • Secondary core, 4.5" white PVC
  • Secondary Winding, 22AWG (0.644mm)
  • Secondary coating, Synthite ER-41, Red air-drying varnish
  • MMC, Cornell Dubilier, 942C20P15K-F, 0.15 uF, 2000V, Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors
  • MMC, 10M bleed resistors
  • Primary Winding, 3/8" soft copper tubing
  • Terry Filter, HL10006Z1K000JJ, 1K 100W resistors
  • Terry Filter, ERZ-V10D182, Varistors
  • Terry Filter, ECW-HA3C332JB, 300PF, 1.6KVDC metal film capacitor
  • Terry Filter, CRF-50JB-52-10M, 10M 1/2W bleed resistors
  • Spark Gap, M8 screws, and acorn caps (may change this out to tungsten electrodes, as I need to add the spark gap for the Terry Filter)

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    PDP-11 Crash caught on tape
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    Posted by Krux on Wednesday August 15, 2012 @ 07:45pm
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    While at Defcon after Crash and Compile, I was racing against Jason Scott who is famous for, as well as the creator of Get Lamp and other geekish documentaries including the upcoming Defcon Documentary. May have had a few too many beers (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) and crashed the PDP-11. Hilarious.