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Avast-ng: A Versatile Ajax Syslog Tailer for syslog-ng

Avast-ng gives you the ability to sift through vast amounts of log files, and display current syslog data that is useful to you. Its a heads-up view that sifts out all the normal flotsam in your log files and just displays messages you have defined to be either out of the ordinary or unexpected.

With its built-in query builder, you can build new filters to include or exclude log messages quickly. All with a nifty intuitive AJAX interface. And you can save multiple filters, to give you quick access to the data you are looking for.

Avast-ng continues to monitor your syslog messages, and automatically displays a tail like view of the most current messages matching your filter.

The project details can be found here:
PHP Bookmarks
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PHP Bookmarks is a simple bookmarking web app, I wrote to have a central location to store my bookmarks which I could get to anywhere.

Source code is available here:
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THCNET is a forum software I wrote for my forum over at The reason for the name THCNET is in the late 90s, I was running a BBS called The Hotel California. THCNET is the Internet version of that board.

The source code for the project is here: