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Tesla Coil Winder
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Posted by Krux on Monday January 27, 2014 @ 07:28pm
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In the quest to create a Tesla coil, one of the tasks that must be completed is winding your secondary coil. This is a tedious process of wrapping magnet wire many hundreds of times around your secondary coil form. Trying of course to make sure the winding is straight, free of gaps, and overlaps. It's a job that didn't sound very fun, which is why I decided that when it came time to wind the secondary coil for Project Icarus, I would build a machine to do it for me.

I'm of the mindset that a tedious and boring task is a task that needs to be automated. I also planned on making more than a single Tesla coil, so right there, the savings in time are obvious. And here is where the over engineering comes into play.

I had a few requirements for the coil winder:

  • I need to be able to program in differing wire sizes and winding counts.
  • It should be a modular design to handle winding varying coil sizes.
  • And I have to be more entertained by building the winder than I would be winding a coil by hand.
  • Since I have access to a hackerspace with all sorts of cool tools, it needs to look good.

  • With that I got to work designing shapes in Visio. Some ShopBot time later and I had my base. It was then on to Sketchup to create the parts which would need to be 3D printed on my Flashforge Creator.

    Check out the time lapse video below:

    I think the result turned out great.

    Some quick source and design info is here for those interested:

  • Tesla Coil Winder Source Code

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