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Sweetie LED Heart
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Posted by Krux on Saturday November 23, 2013 @ 02:50pm
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A couple weekends ago I found myself with a lot of energy but was still waiting for parts to come in the mail for the tesla coil I'm currently working on. Without anything else to do, I decided to make something from a hand full of spare parts that I could give to Sarah.

I've been sitting on ten beefy defused LEDs that happen to be in her favorite color (yellow), so I laid them out in the shape of a heart and made a special blinking thing that has all the energy and charm of a neon sign, but is also touch sensitive (because that's cool).

To give my blinky heart it's random bank of light patterns, I soldered an ATMega to a spare breakout board I had. It was made for a 44 pin package, so I had to improvise and solder one side of the ATMega's pins to the pads with some 30 gauge wire. Once this surgery was complete I spent an evening coming up with some cool light animations for it to cycle through.

After my blinky yellow was complete, I gave it to Sarah - which she loved. The touch sensitive pad was added a week later when I decided that the board needed a little something else to give it more character.

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration, and more details on the project.


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