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Ring Launcher Coil Failure
Posted by Krux on Wednesday February 24, 2016 @ 11:26pm
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Failure is not bad. It's how we learn. Today I learned that there are significant forces required to launch a 3.5" hard drive platter higher than a building that has 35 foot ceilings. These forces happen to be more than can be with stood by a 1/4" piece of acrylic, such as that used to hold the coil of the ring launcher. To be fair, it did take several higher powered launches before it was well and truly pooched.

The above started as a crack, and then completely shattering. This part will be replaced with something stronger before the Mini Maker Faire this Sunday. However I did successfully test the ring launcher up to a bit over 1700 volts so far. At the show, due to ceiling height restrictions, I'll have to keep it to a little over 400 volt launches. Though I'll likely take the launcher outside at some point for a larger powered firing.
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