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Project Nomad
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Posted by Krux on Saturday October 12, 2013 @ 07:30pm
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Project Nomad was born out of the idea to turn a 30 year old mini-computer, a functioning PDP-11/23, into a mobile robot. The purpose, other than building awesome, is to use the PDP-11 in a Defcon Programming contest called Crash and Compile. We proved that driving your development environment up to the stage to compete was worth quite a number of style points.

The robot weighs in at nearly 400 pounds, and uses a highly modified electric wheel chair base as it's drive train. Nomad can be remotely controlled using Zigbee wireless modules based on an IEEE 802.15 standard.

  • Project: Nomad - Part 1
  • Project: Nomad - Part 2
  • Project: Nomad - Part 3
  • Project: Nomad - Part 4
  • Project: Nomad - Part 5
  • Project: Nomad - Part 6
  • Project: Nomad - Part 7
  • Project: Nomad - Part 8

  • And some footage of Nomad at Defcon

  • PDP-11 Crash caught on tape

  • And because I'm bad at documenting things... stuff to write about yet..

  • Rebuild of Nomad's brain and remote control.
  • Some current footage of Nomad running around Defcon, First Friday, etc..
  • Plans and progress to make Nomad autonomous.
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