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Project Icarus: Gathering of parts
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Posted by Krux on Saturday November 2, 2013 @ 11:49am
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A Tesla coil isn't a Tesla coil without parts.

Parts List

  • NST, Franceformer, primary 120VAC, secondary 9000 volts, 60ma
  • Secondary core, 4.5" white PVC
  • Secondary Winding, 22AWG (0.644mm)
  • Secondary coating, Synthite ER-41, Red air-drying varnish
  • MMC, Cornell Dubilier, 942C20P15K-F, 0.15 uF, 2000V, Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors
  • MMC, 10M bleed resistors
  • Primary Winding, 3/8" soft copper tubing
  • Terry Filter, HL10006Z1K000JJ, 1K 100W resistors
  • Terry Filter, ERZ-V10D182, Varistors
  • Terry Filter, ECW-HA3C332JB, 300PF, 1.6KVDC metal film capacitor
  • Terry Filter, CRF-50JB-52-10M, 10M 1/2W bleed resistors
  • Spark Gap, M8 screws, and acorn caps (may change this out to tungsten electrodes, as I need to add the spark gap for the Terry Filter)

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