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Project Hathor - Introduction
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Posted by Krux on Tuesday December 2, 2014 @ 11:41pm
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Project Hathor

Starting on my next high voltage project, which is going to be a ring launcher. A ring launcher, if you are not aware is a device which builds up a charge in a capacitor bank and then releases it all at once into a coil producing a magnetic field. This magnetic field then creates a current in an aluminum ring, such as a hard drive platter, which then in turn produces an opposing magnetic field. As the two magnetic fields repel each other, this causes the ring to be shot up into the air in a dramatic fashion. It's science, and it's fun, and I want to build one. After some thought I decided that Hathor was an appropriate name for this project.

The first of the parts have been rolling in. Capacitors, HV transformer, power resistors, relays, and copper bar.

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