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Old School BBSes
Posted by Krux on Sunday July 8, 2018 @ 02:55am
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So this past Toorcamp my friend Pinguino invited me to the Drink and Draw, which is a collaborative ANSI creation, and consumption of beverages of choice. It was a lot of fun to play around with ANSI again. And while I was working on some leet fonts, I learned about a BBS they had called

Undercurrents use to be an old Renegade/Telegard board, much like my old BBS The Hotel California, but is now accessible via the internet and running on modern BBS software, but features the ANSI goodness we've come to expect in the 90s.

So that got me feeling some nostalga, and I fired up dosbox, and decided to fire up the old BBS to take a look at The Hotel California.

So some images after the break...

Logon menu:

Logon form:

Last Callers List (odd.. there are none):

Main Menu (menu theme by lysene, there were multiple menu sets you could choose):

Scan new messages menu:

Scanning for new messages:

Zip drives!:

Tele didn't show up to my birthday party... it still hurts inside: lets knock him down to new user limbo access. This was an access level that you were at before being approved to the BBS. We were quite elite.

BBS Listing ... use to have more things listed but boards were dying. Do you remember The Bloody Spear?

User info screen ... I have all the accesses:

BBS system info ... check out those specs:

Let's page the sysop ... LETS CHAT!

The last post on the board ... #sadface

Logoff menu ... I had lots of mods to the board such as email a random user, custom random signatures, rumors (listed at the bottom of menus), stats, etc..

Eyes by Toon Goon of iCE

And the last thing you see when you log off:

Yea so quite the trip down memory lane. Maybe if I get squirrely I'll play with Engima BBS and setup an old school style BBS for people to play around on.
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