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I'm a geek of all trades. Professionally I'm a Network Engineer. If it says Cisco on the side of it, odds are I can made it do my bidding, or wear out the question mark key trying. I also have a heavy amount of knowledge on the systems side of things, touching everything from Linux and Windows systems to databases.

In my free time, I run the Las Vegas Hackerspace, SYN Shop. As you may have guessed by the name and my profession that's a play on words, since the SYN is the first packet in the TCP three way hand shake.

Personal projects include building robots, tesla coils, steam punk goggles, and all other manner of hackerish / maker type things. I can do a bit of everything.

People know me often from DEF CON, Maker Faire, Toor Camp, Cisco Live, or some other random event where they saw me walking around with my from the ground up designed light up steam punk goggles.